Staying in a Bed and Breakfast Inn

400-450-YOUTH-AMBASSADOR-BnStaying in a Bed and Breakfast Inn

By: Kayley Sutton, Youth Ambassador
Pedro Menendez High School, Class of 2015

The Youth Ambassadors of St. Augustine are always venturing off to new places. In October, the Youth Ambassadors visited three historic inns on Cedar Street and learned about another inn on the street that was completely booked and unable to be visited.

The Peace and Plenty Inn is owned by Glenna Terrell. Her housekeeper, Blanca, showed us around the bed and breakfast and explained why guest rooms were decorated in such fashion. When Ms. Terrell purchased the inn, it was original to the 1800s and she emphasizes that by making her guests feel as if they are in the nineteenth century.

At the Penny Farthing Inn, Mrs. Marie Watkinson decorates the rooms to make guests feel at home. This bed and breakfast makes guests feel as if they just took a trip to England as is decorated with the British flag everywhere and fresh biscotti set out for guests to enjoy. Mrs. Marie led us to one balcony with a view of historic downtown St. Augustine. She also told us that seven out of the eight rooms at the Penny Farthing Inn have a private balcony. In addition, there is a porch on the side of the inn where guests gather to enjoy breakfast such as Eggs Benedict.

At the Cedar House Victorian Inn, Ms. Cyndi Humphrey explained that the historic bed and breakfasts of St. Augustine work together and strive to create the best possible stay while people visit St. Augustine. She gave us a tour of her wonderfully decorated Victorian inn. It had a small room with board games. Where guests gather for breakfast, there was a pineapple chandelier. When an ambassador asked why it was a pineapple, Ms. Cindy replied, “It’s the international sign of welcome.” She also explained that she did not choose the Victorian décor, rather, it chose her.

Mr. Tim Millbern, owner of At Journey’s End, also gave us a brief history of his historic inn and explained just what makes a bed and breakfast “a better way to stay.” Any bed and breakfast owner will gladly tell a guest that it is “a better way to stay” because parking, soft drinks, snacks, breakfast, and quality service is included in the price.

An added bonus to staying in a bed and breakfast is that all of the guests are closer when they leave than when they first come in. Many times, when tourists and guests gather around the breakfast table, they enjoy sharing what they did the day before, what they are doing that day and much more. What a great way to communicate rather than relying on technology to do it for us! These historic inns really are a better and more quality way to stay.

We’re off to World Golf Village and The World Golf Hall of Fame for November.

The St. Augustine Youth Ambassadors are involved with the 450th Commemoration initiative through educational and hands-on learning experience where students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the historical significance of St. Augustine. Now in year two, the four-year project allows the forty Ambassadors to equally take-away and gives back to their community until they graduate from high school in St. Johns County. Students participate in a variety of lectures, programs, field trips to local attractions, and interactions with project partners and other volunteers. As the commemoration is a community effort, our youth ambassadors relay information obtained in our program to their peers, family members, friends and visitors alike. This monthly newspaper column provides one way for this to take place. (This is the fifth article of a series)

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