Third extension for El Galeon announced


El-Galeon-in-St-Augustine-0When Historic City News first reported that El Galeon had sailed into Matanzas Bay on May 21, the educational replica of a 16th century Spanish sailing vessel was scheduled for departure on June 3; but, due to the large volume of visitors, that stay was extended through June 23, and again until July 8th — that departure has been pushed back again, this time until Tuesday, July 23rd.

The City of St Augustine has informed local Historic City News reporters that city officials have successfully negotiated an extension to the ship’s presence in St Augustine and have initiated discussions that may have the ship adopt the city as its North America home port.

“It is a natural fit to have a ship that represents such a key element of the city’s history to occupy such a prominent part of the cityscape,” Paul Williamson told reporters.

According to the Office of Public Affairs, the interest in having the ship become based in St Augustine was largely driven by the community support and the robust attendance by visitors.