Traffic violation leads police to drug arrest


400-JASON-PETER-SLIMAKSoon after 10:00 p.m. last night, St Augustine Police advised Historic City News local reporters that Officer Mike Kettman observed 33-year-old Jason Peter Slimak as he approached the Sunoco station on his motorcycle — by 10:47 p.m., Slimak was being booked into the county jail.

Kettman searched the Driving and Vehicle Information Database using information obtained from the motorcycle tag and learned that Slimak does not have a motorcycle endorsement and his driver’s license is suspended.

The officer entered the convenience store, located at 450 South Ponce de Leon Boulevard, and removed Slimak. Before placing him under arrest for the moving violations and placing him in his patrol car, Kettman searched Slimak for possible weapons.

A Chap-Stick tube, known to law enforcement as a place to hide drugs, was discovered during the “pat down”. Officer Kettman found that the tube contained a suspected crack cocaine rock and one unknown pill. The suspected rock was field tested and indicated positive for cocaine. The pill was unidentifiable and was sent to FDLE for identification.

Slimak, who resides at 560 Lena Street in St Augustine, was charged with possession of cocaine, driving while license suspended and having no motorcycle endorsement. He remains in custody this afternoon in lieu of $7,000 bond.


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