Youth Ambassadors visit Amphitheatre

2013-Dec-Amphitheare18The 450th Youth Ambassadors reported to Historic City News that they went to the St Augustine Amphitheatre this month to experience the musical styling of the wonderful David Benoit and his band. What a spectacular performance it was!

Benoit and his band sounded absolutely phenomenal and they played Vince Guaraldi which I believe I can safely say is one of Benoit’s favorite composers. Vince Guaraldi was the composer for the original animated Peanuts cartoons. Benoit loves to engage his audience by showing the Charlie Brown characters on a screen and playing a different Guaraldi song for each one.

Before the Youth Ambassadors sat down to watch the performance, the general manager of the St Augustine Amphitheatre, Ryan Murphy, gave us a backstage tour. Youth Ambassadors had the opportunity to see the dressing rooms for the stars that visit, as well as where tour busses and equipment trucks load and unload. We also had the opportunity to visit where meet and greets take place with celebrities.

The St. Augustine Amphitheatre hosted many festive events for the Christmas time, many free and open to the public including the dinner and a movie: ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ on December 21st. Also, the St. Augustine Community Chorus performed a Celtic Christmas Sing Along on December 22nd.

The Youth Ambassadors report having a wonderful time and thanked everyone on the St. Augustine Amphitheatre staff who made this possible.

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