The $100 bills weren’t the only fakes in this scam

300-CVS-4Sheriff’s detectives this afternoon are reporting that a search is underway for a man who went into a local drug store Friday night, disguised in woman’s clothes, and attempted to pay for $300.00 worth of gift cards using what investigators are telling Historic City News are counterfeit bills.

According to the investigative report, the CVS on SR-312 was the victim of this attempted theft at about 7:00 p.m.

When the clerk rang the sale, the would-be thief offered three identical $100 bills as payment. The clerk was suspicious of the black man dressed as a woman, wearing a tight white shirt with bare midriff and a multi-color skirt with long black hair and fake eyelashes, and even remarked that the bills appeared to be fake.

At that time, the disguised bandit dropped the gift cards, counterfeit currency, and fled the store; making his escape without breaking a heel — as far as we know.

Surveillance video images are being published in an effort to assist in developing the identity and whereabouts of the person responsible for this crime.

Anyone with any information concerning the identity of this person is asked to contact Detective Hank Miller at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office at (904) 209-3999. You can remain anonymous and possibly be eligible for a cash reward by calling CrimeStoppers of Northeast Florida at 1-(888) 277-TIPS (8477).

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