City Attorney Ronald W Brown calls it quits

Historic City News received word straight from the source yesterday afternoon, and last night, St Augustine’s City Attorney, Ronald Wayne Brown, confirmed his retirement from that position to pursue other interests.

Brown served mayors and commissioners in the city for the past eight years and his resignation is effective as of September 15, 2014. He said in the letter announcing his retirement, “Retirement serves as a form of commencement moving from one episode of life to another”. Brown will turn 66-years-old in October.

“The Commissions present and past have shown a willingness to listen and follow the advice of legal counsel, even when that advice proved difficult,” Brown said during his announcement. “My thanks to you all for that professional courtesy.”

Brown was one of three employees hired directly by the St Augustine City Commission. He answers directly to the Commission, as does the City Manager and City Clerk. All other city employees ultimately are hired and fired through the Office of City Manager.

The announcement was delivered to staff on Monday, July 7, and accepted by the city commission during their business meeting last night.

Brown was compensated as a full-time employee, earning $124,142.24 annually. Isabelle Lopez, the Assistant City Attorney who replaced Carlos Mendoza when he left for a position on the Seventh Judicial Circuit Court bench, will become the new City Attorney upon Brown’s retirement. Lopez is paid $84,872.00 in her current position. A search for a new Assistant City Attorney is underway.

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