City police have busy couple of days

400-SAPD-450TH-LOGOHistoric City News received updates from Public Information Officer, Mark Samson, of the St Augustine Police Department this morning; including highlights from the past two days’ calls, investigations, and arrests.

Wednesday, when the complainant returned to get her bicycle from 134 Riberia Street in Lincolnville, she found that her black, folding Montague bike, chain and bicycle lock were missing. The bike was estimated to be worth about $500.

A $200 electric bike was also stolen from 48 Sevilla Street. It is red with flowers painted on the frame.


A 48-year-old homeless man, David Kennedy, was arrested on two outstanding St Johns County warrants. Also arrested on outstanding warrants from St Johns County, was 24-year-old Calvin Coolidge lll, who resides on West 7th Street. Coolidge was taken into custody at the probation office on King Street.

When 43-year-old David Thompson, who resides at 74 Onieda Street, was warned by a patrolman to stop taking coins from the Lightner Museum fountain, he should have listened. The officer drove around the block, and returned to find Thompson back in the water; attempting to fish out more coins. Thompson was arrested for trespass after warning. Before police placed Thompson in the patrol vehicle to be transported to the St Johns County Jail, he was searched. A black pipe that smelled of marijuana was discovered in his pocket. Thompson was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Three women were dancing at the No Name Bar on South Castillo Drive in St Augustine when an unknown white man approached, and struck each of the women in the head. A bystander intervened and was eventually able to get the assailant off of them women; but not before himself being punched in the head. In the altercation, the assailant fell to the floor, giving the women an opportunity to kick him; causing him to flee. He was last seen with an unknown woman running north, away from the bar. The bystander, who came to the woman’s aid, was bleeding — but refused medical attention, according to the police report.


Yesterday, officers responded to the Chianti Room at Pizza Alley, located at 60 Charlotte Street, to investigate a burglary. The manager reported that when he came to work, at about 7:00 am., he found a man sitting on the porch with two bottles of liquor. Once the manager got the restaurant open, he returned and discovered that the man who had been sitting on the porch was now gone, and a window into the restaurant was broken. A short time later, the City Marina called to report that a man, meeting the same description, was at the marina, causing a disturbance. Officers removed Randall W. Pendergraff from the marina and returned him to Pizza Alley, where he was positively identified by the manager. Before Pendergraff was taken to jail, police took him to Flagler Hospital to clear any existing medical injuries he appeared to have sustained.

Police Officer Wayne Ferrell reported that property totaling $470 was said to have been stolen from a parked vehicle. The owner stated that an Epiphone guitar, an Apple iPod 16g, and a vintage Time magazine were among the items taken.

A resident on Weeden Street reported that, during the night, someone took a 12-gallon gas can valued at about $40. The can contained about $40 worth of gasoline. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time.

Officer Chris Miller arrested 28-year-old Christopher A McCartt, for driving under the influence of alcohol as well as driving while his license was suspended or revoked. McCartt refused a Breathalyzer test once he was at the jail.

While off-duty, St Augustine Police Officer, Jeffrey Collins, was at Rick’s Muffler Shop, located at 208 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard, having work done on his personal vehicle. Collins observed 20-year-old Jason Millar, who lives on Segovia Road, pilfering through another customer’s truck. Collins called in to the police station and followed Millar north on Ponce de Leon Boulevard, where he was intercepted by Officer Wayne Ferrell. Millar was questioned by the witness and officers in attendance and then, arrested.

Officer Jonathan Marston observed a Nissan van headed north on Ponce de Leon Boulevard, as it ran the red light at King Street. Marston stopped the van when it reached Saragossa Street, and he completed a records check on the driver, Jamie Ponce. An outstanding warrant was discovered, charging Ponce for failure to appear on a suspended license charge. Marston arrested Ponce and took her to the St Johns County Jail at the Neil J Perry Criminal Justice Complex without incident.

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