Congressman says blacks and Hispanics least helped by Obamacare

St Johns County Congressman, Ron DeSantis of Ponte Vedra Beach, said the President really owed everyone who lost their individual healthcare plans “an explanation” during his State of the Union address this week; telling Historic City News that the bulk of Americans have lost faith in President Obama on healthcare.

DeSantis has been very visible in the District, when he wasn’t in Washington, DC, and is compelling in his criticism of “Obamacare” during town hall meetings for several reasons — probably, and most importantly, because the congressman puts his money where his mouth is; DeSantis is one of the few members of Congress who pays for his own medical insurance.

“A Hispanic farm worker in Hastings, or a single-mom at Vilano Beach, or the African-Americans who are the very people the president promises to be helping, are the groups that will suffer the most under Obamacare,” DeSantis told reporters. “They are disproportionally at the lower end of the Obamacare totem pole.”

The congressman told Historic City News he believes as soon as the employee mandate goes into effect, the law is not going to affect “some white engineer who is making $150,000 a year”. DeSantis’ reasoning is that if the employer is not willing to pay the premium, they will run the risk of the employee looking for other employment options.

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