A desire named “Streetcar”

400-coverMore details released Friday during a visit to St Augustine by those proposing development of a streetcar local railway that, if approved, would run residents and visitors between the Historic Downtown Parking Garage and the Riberia Pointe location designated as a potential home for an aquarium and children’s museum.

Historic City News was criticized for releasing this information Thursday by city administration; although a healthy discussion and debate began almost immediately between local stakeholders that would be affected by such a proposal.

“We didn’t make up the information that we reported, and the reason we did not release the names of the people involved, was an editorial decision; specifically based on the fact that the issue has not yet been officially aired in public hearings,” managing editor Michael Gold responded to facebook comments written by City Manager John Regan, accusing him of “suckering in” one Historic City News reader, and remarking that the local news source made him feel “used”.

Gold concluded, “Regardless of the city manager’s assessment of our reporting news, as it is happening, and, before our reporters have cleared it through him, if the article is about the city, we will continue to bring you the best information we have available at the time that we become aware of it.”

Robert W. Mann, a retired transportation consultant who grew up in Jacksonville’s historic Ortega neighborhood and attended Jones College, locally, contacted Historic City News to report Friday’s inspection and availability for interviews.

Mann and Metro Jacksonville board member, Ennis Davis, an author and historian who enjoys sharing his knowledge of city transportation and infrastructure and who has fathered plans for rebuilding the Jacksonville Traction Company streetcar system, provided Historic City News with additional information.

Some of the presentation slides are attached in our gallery; which gives you some idea of the scale and appearance of the proposed historic streetcar vehicles. As we are made aware of further progress on the proposed project, we will share that information, as well.

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