District 4 Candidate Profile: Denver Cook

I am Denver Cook and I am asking for your vote on August 26th to serve as your county commissioner from District 4.  I am a husband and father; a military veteran; was a small business owner; and am a retired corrections officer.  I am also an American who believes the best government is small, fiscally conservative, and highly effective and efficient focused on infrastructure, public safety and excellence in education.

Your VOTE on AUGUT 26th will determine our county’s future.

As your Commissioner I will fight, on your behalf, to ensure honest and transparent budget processes; to reign in the county budget and pay down our debt; to  cut  un-necessary programs; and  to  secure for our children the  personal and  religious freedoms, grounded in faith, supported by educational excellence and economic opportunity, which our forefathers fought so hard secure.”

“In the past months I have spoken with many across our community and have knocked on hundreds of doors. What I consistently heard is disappointment with OUR government and a feeling of being misled. People have lost faith in leaders who, all too quickly, deny the ability of the citizens to understand the complexity of governance or finance.”

Let’s simplify things for the County Commissioners. Since 2011, and under the leadership of Chairman Morris, spending for education, transportation and law enforcement have been cut $1.67 per $100 of property tax paid while other County Service spending has increased $3.40. Since 2011, average property values are down

$10,659 yet the average taxpayer pays more tax in 2014 due to County Commission General Fund millage increases.

– 2007-2013 combined increase in operation and salary spending totaled $23.2M

– 2014 budgeted operation and salary increase totals $28.6M

– 2007-2010 combined spending over budget equaled $11.3M

– 2011-2013 combined spending over budget equaled $146.5M

– 2013 County Budget was $566.8M, actual spending reaching $675.1M

“On August 26th a VOTE for Denver Cook for County Commission, District 4 is a Vote to keep taxes low, reduce and control spending, and save the future for our children. I do not and will not support increased sales taxes or higher property tax rates.”

For more information visit www.denvercook.com


What do your property taxes pay for? For every $100:

  Board of County Commissioners Special




Year Sheriff    Fire     Roads           Other


$  16.21   $   7.29  $   3.91  $   13.60

$  16.00   $   9.00  $   3.00  $   17.00

$   3.55

$   3.00

$  55.44

$  52.00

$  (0.21)  $   1.71  $   (0.91) $   3.40 $  (0.55) $  (3.44)

Source: St Johns County OMB “Budget in Brief 2011 and 2014”



I am Denver Cook and I am a Republican candidate for St Johns County Commission, running countywide from District 4.  I have approved the content of this message.


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