Do not adjust your set – “technical issues” prevent City broadcast

CITYCOM-2012-09-10_3103For the second time in two months, the City of St Augustine’s Director of Public Affairs has reported that tonight’s City Commission Meeting, as well as meetings of the Planning and Zoning Board and Historic Architectural Review Board cannot be broadcast to St Augustine residents because of “technical issues”.

For a year now, Historic City News has been asking the City to restore the Internet access to public meetings; which, due to extremely limited space in the Alcazar Room, is the only way for residents to observe their elected officials conducting city business. Although explanations from Williamson are polite, the last saying that the City is preparing to issue a bid request for vendors to provide the essential government service, the service is still unavailable.

“Live broadcast of the City of St. Augustine meetings, usually available on Comcast channel 3, are currently unavailable due to a Comcast technical issue,” Williamson wrote to Historic City News on Friday. “Comcast officials are working to address the issue but do not have a specific date for the resumption of service.”

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