Editorial: Are you too busy to fight for freedom?

400-CONSTITUTION-FLAGEditorial: Are you too busy to fight for freedom?

Historic City News
St Augustine, FL

As Independence Day approaches, many of us have plans to attend parades, festivals, and of course see a grand fireworks display in St Augustine, Flagler Beach, or Palm Coast.

These are wonderful traditions, but what have you done lately to fight for our tradition of American freedom?

So many of us claim that we are “too busy”.  I’ll give you “busy”, but not too busy.  Since most of the Founding Fathers were not politicians, but rather men of business with a wide variety of occupations, they were busy and prominent people, too.

“35 were trained in law, 13 were businessmen and merchants, and 12 owned large farms or plantations. Only 9 received their income from public office,” according to William Haupt’s Watchdog Wire article.  “Only a few were wealthy and could afford to spend extensive time away from their businesses or homes.”

But, they were men of character who cared about the future of the country. They were prepared to do what it took to create a more perfect union.

Historic City News hopes you will take up their fight and start paying attention to your local government.  If you need ideas, we just launched a summer video contest to keep tabs on local politicians who come home for summer recess.

The citizen journalist armed with a cell-phone camera is as formidable as the seasoned network broadcaster in our new world; where everyone is a witness to news when it happens and reports it with photos that help tell the story to the rest of us.

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