Founding member of First Coast Tea Party to be speaker

400-BILLIE-TUCKERSaint Augustine Tea Party president, Lance Thate, has invited all Historic City News readers to attend the upcoming general meeting on Tuesday, February 25, 2014, when the guest speaker will be Billie Tucker; who, with five other similarly-minded patriots, decided to have a Tea Party on Tax Day; marking the beginnings of the First Coast Tea Party in Jacksonville in 2009.

Members and guests will convene at 6:30 p.m. in the rear dining room of the Village Inn, located at 900 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard in St Augustine. There is no cost to attend. A’la carte Food and beverage service is available.

After the brief business meeting, you are patriotically invited to stay for the presentation; when Tucker will recount the First Coast Tea Party organizational rally at the Jacksonville Landing on April 15, 2009.

Tucker says that they only expected 500 people, but 5,000 showed up. It was not until the next day that they learned of similar events happening all over the country. She says that the grassroots excitement during that first April 15th Tax Day demonstration, and the early days of the tea party movement, are remembered with great fondness; both for her and many of her friends.

Tucker is scheduled to discuss future plans for the Tea Party Movement, as we near the 2014 elections.

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