House Bill to return local control of short term rentals

SeaPrincessThe 2014 Session of the Florida legislature does not convene until March 3rd; but Historic City News pays close attention to the three-weeks of Committee meetings, going on in February, because we know that is when the foundation is laid for the pathway that will carry successful bills to the governor’s office to become law.

One such committee on our radar is the Business and Professional Regulation Subcommittee that will be meeting on Tuesday, February 4th.

In 2011, state lawmakers, in their infinite wisdom, proved that their wisdom is actually pretty finite. The effect of a move that exempted short-term vacation rental housing from local zoning ordinances was to create a “privileged class” for the hotel-like business investors in residential neighborhoods.

The law exempting vacation rental housing from local regulation was a mistake and in two years it has taken its toll by favoring the rights of new investment interests over existing residents and homeowners.

St Johns County Representative Travis Hutson will introduce HB 307 to the subcommittee that would repeal the provisions previously enacted; returning zoning control of short-term rental housing to local government.

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