Letter: Citizens have told me what they expect

Letter: Citizens have told me what they expect

Nancy Shaver
Candidate for Mayor

St. Augustine

Dear Editor:

What should you expect from your City government and your Mayor anyway?

We’re on the eve of an important election for the City of St. Augustine and as a candidate walking this City and talking to hundreds of you, you’ve answered that question.

–You want traffic that is managed, not just a traffic study that sits on the shelf

–You want water that does stain the clothes in your washing machines

–You want streets that are kept in good repair so trucks don’t fall through them and your tires aren’t blown by potholes

–You want zoning that protects your neighborhood from surprises like the 7-11

–You want ordinances enforced evenly and consistently whether it’s about signs, or loitering

–You want a straightforward permitting process if you’re opening a business, or constructing a building

You know that your City government is a service business and you want (and deserve) value for the taxes you pay. You haven’t said you want a town of “fiestas” (but you do like celebrations every so often). You haven’t said you want the City to act like a developer for more tourist attractions.

You want to know what the City government is up to; you want all the facts and you want to be listened to.

–That’s democracy.

So how do we get back to basics? As a proven leader who operated a business about the size of our City in my 30’s, I’ve built my career as a leader who listens, puts all the facts on the table, and works hard with people to create practical solutions. That’s what we need to do together.

For the last several years I’ve put the facts in front of you about exaggerated City claims, and questionable “projects”. And it’s made a difference. Why have I lent my time and expertise to these efforts? That’s simple. Because I love this City—and yes, it is magical. We are all blessed to call this home, and as citizens we owe this place our care.

Before I chose to run for Mayor, I read Thomas Jefferson on public service. He said “There is a debt of service due from every man to his country, proportioned to the bounties which nature and fortune have measured to him.” And it seems it’s time for me to offer to pay that debt.

I hope you will consider carefully your choice in this election—and most importantly go to the polls on August 26th and vote. Your vote is your voice.

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