Letter: The fall of the Republic is upon us

David Heimbold
David Heimbold
Letter: The fall of the Republic is upon us

Dave Heimbold
St Augustine

Dear Editor:

Today, many are noticing the similarity between the decline of the United States Republic and the fall of the Roman Empire.

If my memory serves me right, one of the primary reasons ‘Rome Fell’ was the influx of uneducated immigrant who eventually overwhelmed the welfare system of Rome’s “bread and circuses” culture. Of course, the final surge was the freezing of the Danube River when a hoard of Visigoths crossed the frozen river and the illegal aliens came to rob and to plunder.

Add this to the demoralization of the Roman Senate, and the line of dictators that follow, and you have a picture of our Republic today … lawless and arrogant.

Obama’s State of the Union Speech, January 28th, was an insult to our Republic. Obama is an illegal alien, with a phony birth certificate and a mob of idol worshipers who want “equal distribution” of your hard earned money. Obama is busily destroying the founding principle of free enterprise with Soviet style Marxism.

Obama is not a “natural-born citizen”. He has hidden his true heritage and bullied the GOP leadership into silence.

A recent one-line comment by Lance Thate in this publication about the so called “birther” issue, stirred up a hornets nest of ignorant Obama-philes who don’t know their right hand from their left.

There is only one place in the United States Constitution that makes “natural-born” the standard for electability; and that is, the Presidency of the United States.

Ten to one, these same brain-washed followers don’t have a clue about the principle of stare decisis — legal precedent, already settled in the Federal Courts, that says a natural-born citizen is one in which both father and mother were born in United States.

They don’t know and they don’t care to know the truth.

A presidential candidate, coming from an American family, would be a true American citizen and not burdened by foreign ideologies like Marxism and Islam. The parents would have immersed their child in the American culture, preparing them to be responsible citizens, working for a living, instead of dependent on a hand-out from the government.

Obama is an impostor and should be removed from office. Hurrah, for Mr. Thate. The personal attacks on his character show the ignorance of the offenders. They might wish to educate themselves at “The Obama File” http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaNaturalBorn.htm

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