Sen Ted Cruz energizes annual conservative conference

Sen Ted Cruz energizes annual conservative conference

By: Hannah Bleau

Citizen journalist and Flagler College student, Hannah Bleau, is attending the Conservative Political Action Conference 2014 in Washington D.C., and, as a Historic City News intern covering political stories, she filed this report on the grand opening ceremonies.

US Senator Ted Cruz delivered what many saw as an invigorating speech; which electrified the audience and filled the room with a sense of urgency. Cruz said the Republican Party has been united only in their mutual opposition to the Democrats.

According to Cruz, the Republican Party and conservative movement needs to stand for definitive ideas and solutions. The party needs to unite around a specific cause. The party needs to stand on principle.

Like former US President, Ronald Reagan, Cruz painted a picture of an America full of promise, hope, and a potentially bright future. This idea resonated, especially with young people.

The Obama agenda, Cruz noted, is a nightmare for young people. Students are deviating from the false narrative. He jokingly echoed a well-known phrase. They need real hope and change.

“The Obama agenda has been horrible for young people,” Cruz said.

Many speculate Cruz’s possibilities of a run in the 2016 election. Meanwhile, Cruz presented ten essential elements that he says is crucial for the GOP to gain ground in the upcoming elections and to fuel American prosperity well into the future.

-“Defend the Constitution. All of it.”

Cruz said the freedom of the press needs to be upheld. He used one of the more recent controversies to illustrate the current government’s intent to influence media outlets.

“Defend the first Amendment. Defend the right to free speech- the right to a free press. For all of our friends in the media, free press means not having government monitors sitting in your newsrooms,” he said.

He also shed a light on the IRS, which has been caught targeting both conservative and Christian organizations and individuals.

“The right to freedom of religion and that means among other things not having the IRS ask citizens ’tell me the content of your prayers.’”

-“Abolish the IRS.” Instead of a confusing, unfair progressive system, which hurts companies and individuals, Cruz reaffirmed the idea of a fair flat tax, which would be a simplified form that virtually anyone could fill out.

-“Expand energy and create high paying jobs all over America.” According to Cruz, dependence should not be the only option- when it comes to jobs or energy.

-“Expand school choice.”
Cruz stressed the education crisis in America. He said that every child deserves an equal opportunity to pursue the American dream no matter class or race.

-“Repeal Dodd-Frank.” As Cruz said, there’s nothing good in it. Government overregulation of finances and big business only burdens the engine of the economy.

-“We need to audit the Federal Reserve.” The Federal Reserve needs to be held accountable. It’s time to make the unaccountable accountable. Cruz said the “unaccountable power in Washington” is “debasing our currency, driving up the costs of food and gas” which also stifles the engine of the economy.

-“We need to pass a strong, balanced budget amendment.” Young people are burdened with trillions of dollars in debt. It increases every single day. Not only are young people having trouble finding jobs, but current generations are burdening them with trillions in debt, and this financial disaster has grown exponentially over the last 10 years.

-“We need to repeal every single word of ObamaCare.” ObamaCare has had rocky start, and no signs of improving.

-“We need to stop the lawlessness.” Cruz said leaders need to be held accountable. The President cannot simply change laws with the stroke of a pen.

-“We need to end the corruption.”

The current generation needs to wake up and stand up for principle, because the future of America is at stake.

“What we’re doing to our kids and grandkids is morally wrong. It is an outrage. If we keep on this road they will spend their entire lives working- not to meet the needs of the future, not to meet the needs of their priorities- but instead just working to pay off the debts that their deadbeat parents and grandparents stuck them with,” he said.

Cruz said he has not lost hope in America. He believes the country can turn around, and he is inspired, despite the corruption in Washington.

“I am inspired because all across this country all the people are waking up,” Cruz said.

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