Threat of Radical Islam topic of Tea Party speaker

400-Randy-McDanielsHistoric City News readers are patriotically invited to attend the general meeting of the St Augustine Tea Party when Randy McDaniels, President of the Jacksonville Chapter of ACT! for America, will be the guest speaker; addressing the threat of Radical Islam through various overt and covert operations in Florida.

McDaniels is a Marine veteran who served as an operations specialist, and later on the 11th Counter Intelligence Team, which conducted counter terrorism, counter espionage and counter-subversion operations.

If you would like to attend, there is no charge for members or guests. The meetings are held in the rear dining room of the Village Inn, located at 900 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard in St Augustine. Self-pay food and beverage service is available. The general meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 28th at 6:30 p.m.

McDaniels will explain to the audience how over 800 ACT! chapters nationally are working to pass legislation to protect America from Radical Islam; including passage of “American Laws for American Courts” — which prevents Islamic Sharia laws from being used in American courts, when they violate State and US Constitutions.

For more information about McDaniels, his presentation “The Muslim Brotherhood in Florida” is available online,

Follow the Town Criers on St. George Street and other activities of the local Tea Party on their website,

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