Veteran organization shows appreciation

400-VFW-Post-2391-1Veteran organization shows appreciation

By Michael Isam

When all is peaceful and war is more a distant memory than an “In your face” reality, veterans are oftentimes pushed to the curb. Such is the case many times throughout history.

Even today, when men and women are dying on foreign soil, there are those who denigrate their service. This is especially true of those who enjoy a luxury of life few can begin to imagine or do not have to serve in the military — thanks to those who did.

Luckily there are those who do not share that same sentiment.

On Saturday Bryan Tutten Memorial VFW Post 2391 celebrated Veteran’s Appreciation Day with more than 150 local veterans who came to honor the WWII and Korean veterans who paid a dear price to maintain the freedoms we enjoy today.

It was one large hoe down, throw down, low country boil, music till you drop shindig. There are commercials that show special price dinners at a low cost, but none can compare to the smorgasbord enjoyed by these veterans. There was one long serving line of domestic roast pig, wild pig, venison stew, slow country boil, calamari, baked beans, coleslaw, salads and other epicurean delights.

Outside at the Tiki Bar, the entourage was treated to music provided by Just Dave who played a great mix of country, bluegrass and other sundry favorites.

“One good thing came out of this event; I am watching more and more of the younger vets in close conversation with older vets,” said veteran Jim Sisk. “Finally the my-war-was-different-than-your-war veil has begun to show transparency, and it is about time.”

Sisk and Herb “The Sock Man” Naumann enjoyed the company of a young Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association member called “Life-Line”.

“I love to hear the stories of the elder veterans,” said Life-Line, “The more I hear, the closer I feel and I don’t feel quite so alone.”

“The Sock Man” collects white tube socks from organizations and individuals for distribution to veterans in local nursing homes and for shipment to active duty personnel in harm’s way. Last year he distributed over 700 pairs of socks.

Veteran’s Appreciation Day was sponsored by Island Doctors, VFW Post 2391, Old Carriage Realty, Coleman Music & Entertainment, Family KIA of St. Augustine, Jack Wilson Chevrolet, Hyundai of St. Augustine, AmVets members and members of the VFW.

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