Vision committee offers report – needs more time

Historic City News reporters watched as four-of-five appointed members of the “Visioning 2014 & Beyond” Steering Committee made their report to the St Augustine City Commission during the regular business meeting at City Hall tonight. It was first announced that Philip McDaniel had resigned his appointment to the committee and would not speak at the meeting.

After being hit with the specter of an $85,000 bill for any further services from the facilitator at their last meeting, the commission decided to hear from five appointee representatives to the majestic committee.

The remaining four citizen appointees were asked to report on the progress of the visioning initiative, thus far; and, to offer recommendations regarding how to proceed. Each of the four speakers was clearly passionate about the committee on which they serve, without compensation. Although the committee is uncompensated, the facilitator is well paid.

Committee members making a report included Jeanette Berk, Rhey Palmer, Patricia Reilly, and former mayor, Len Weeks.

After hearing the reports, which were each somewhat unique, and three recommendations to keep Dr. Marlowe and his affiliates as the facilitators, the commission decided to table the matter until their next meeting in two weeks. The committee will use the time to work out the details of a plan with Marlowe and bring it back with the final costs and contract requirements.

There is another meeting of the steering committee before the next City Commission meeting. That promises to be a roll-up-your-sleeves meeting and, they are hoping, will bring forward a solid consensus on how to proceed.

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