Assistant County Administrator Jerry Cameron steps down


Had St Johns County Assistant Administrator Jerry T. Cameron stayed until October 31, he would have completed 15-years’ service to the community he has called home since 1996; instead, Historic City News has learned that he will retire in August — and his replacement has already been named.

Assigned the task to head “Community Services”, Cameron has always been in the spotlight; often for very controversial decision-making.

“I’m leaving the County in good hands,” Cameron said. “My replacement has been highly successful in everything that we have put her in.”

When Cameron officially steps down, the current Director of Health and Human Services, Junyao “Joy” Andrews, will assume his responsibilities and duties. She will oversee several departments including veterans services, health and human services, parks and recreation, public safety and library services. She will also be community liaison to a broad section of community groups.

Andrews turns 36-years-old in November, and she has been employed at St Johns County since November 20, 2006. As a department head she was earning $84,647.52 per year.

Cameron turned 70-years-old in April. He and his wife Daphne have not announce retirement plans. As Assistant County administrator, Cameron earned a reported $125,470.61 per year.

Wanchick said Andrews was chosen in part because of her experience in health care, which he said is a skill set county administration will need when Cameron leaves.

Darrell Locklear is assistant county administrator of operational services. Departments reporting to him include construction services, growth management and public works.

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