Attempted murder of St Augustine Police officer fails

400-SAPD-LOGO-POLICE-DEPTHistoric City News has been following word of an unsuccessful murder attempt made against one of the City’s newly hired police officers. At approximately 2:09 a.m. Sunday morning, Officer Lora Vaughn responded to 110 Anastasia Boulevard to investigate a man reportedly walking down the road while discharging a firearm.

The assailant, 32-year-old Palatka resident, Charles Deonte Patten, was observed walking in the middle of Anastasia Boulevard Traveling southbound across the street towards O’Steen’s restaurant, located at 205 Anastasia Boulevard.

“I observed Patten walking backwards into the alley besides O’Steen’s restaurant,” Vaughan recalled after the harrowing experience. “He fired a handgun at me when I shined my spotlight on him. I was in my marked patrol car with my emergency lights activated.”

Officer Vaughn observed the muzzle flash of the weapon as it was fired at her and she took evasive action by driving the vehicle forward. Patten then fell backwards and another round was fired from the handgun. Patten fled the scene on foot.

According to the incident report filed by Officer Chris Miller, Officer Alina Shirshikova arrived on the scene directly behind Officer Vaughn. Shirshikova reported that she observed Patten when he ran across Anastasia Boulevard, turned around, and fired a pistol in Vaughn’s direction. Officer Shirshikova took possession of a magazine that she saw drop from the handgun Patten was carrying.

Officer Wayne Ferrell responded to the area of Zorayda and Arricola Avenue and joined the search for Patten. Ferrell reported that he observed Patten fire a silver pistol into the air, then Patten walked behind a fence on the property southwest of the Zorayda and Arricola intersection. Officer Ferrell heard another shot fired.

As officers closed in, Patten was ordered to present himself with his hands up. Patten surrendered to Officers Ferrell, Roy Smith, and Michael Linsky. Before he was placed in the patrol vehicle to be transported, he was searched. Officer Shirshikova assisted in the search; locating a .380 pistol in Patten’s left-front pocket. A 9mm Ruger pistol was located in a dirt alley north of the location where Patten was arrested. A total of nine 9mm shell casings were recovered from the area of O’Steen’s restaurant, the Sea Breeze Motel, and Anastasia Boulevard.

A check of Patten’s criminal history revealed the following felony convictions in Georgia:

  • 03/30/2007 – possession control of cocaine
  • 05/07/2008 – theft by receiving stolen property
  • 05/07/2008 – possession or transfer of firearm by convicted felon

Patten was evaluated at Flagler Hospital and placed in the custody of the St. Johns county sheriff’s department.

The following criminal charges were filed against Patten:

  • attempted murder of a law enforcement officer
  • carrying a concealed weapon
  • possession of a firearm by a convicted felon (2 counts)

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