Available tax options in St Johns County

Available tax options in St Johns County

Bill McClure
St Johns County Commission

Special to Historic City News

Part 1

In my opinion, the goal of the County Commissioners should be to set yearly goals and policies for the Administrator. The Administrator should carry out those goals.  He has done everything asked of him by the commission.

Since 2012 election, we have been involved in setting financial goals for FY 2014 and 2015, now is time to set courageous fiscal policy for 2016.


The goals and objectives for 2012-present, as presented in the annual report:

  • Promote Economic Development (Northrup Grumman, DR Horton, Advanced Disposal, etc)
  • Promote the County’s health, safety, and welfare (invest in sheriff, hospital, non-profits, health department, northwest wastewater and storm-water utility, etc.)
  • Address the County’s long-term financial stability (restructured higher interest debt without increasing)
  • Participate in regional initiatives (FAC, NEFRC, TPO, MPO, Greenways & Trails, etc.)
  • Maintain and enhance the county’s quality of life (control growth, approvals of communities with bike paths, sidewalks, nature trails, etc.)
  • Protect and promote the county’s environment (support conservation areas, beach patrols, etc.)
  • Enhance county beautification and appearance with emphasis on the enhancement of county entryways, signage, and scenic corridors (new signage coming from A1A Byway)
  • Emphasize community redevelopment or economic revitalization in other communities in the county in need such as Hastings and Armstrong, in addition to the Community Redevelopment Agency of St. Johns County (the CRA), as formed in 2002 and 2003, which constitutes West Augustine, Vilano Beach, and Flagler Estates. (Investment totals millions)
  • Enhance Communication with Community (Newsletters, town hall meetings, HOA meetings, etc.)
  • Address the County’s deferred and emerging infrastructure needs after several years of budget reductions, particularly transportation infrastructure (Did not increase TTF millage in 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014, yet asked each year about the “looming crisis”)

All signs pointed to this “crisis” in the fiscal policies.


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