Bargaining agents reach accord with school district

300-SJCSD-LOGOJoseph Joyner, Ed.D., informed local Historic City News reporters yesterday that the negotiators for the St. Johns Education Support Professionals and the St. Johns County School District have reached a tentative agreement on their 2014-2017 contract covering the district’s non-instructional employees.

Following ratification, the tentative agreement will be presented to the School Board for acceptance.

“The negotiation process was a collaborative effort by all parties,” said Cathy Weber, director for Salaries and Benefits for the school district. “Recognizing those employees who work so hard to support our students and instructional staff was what we set out to accomplish and we did this by working together.”

  1. Move one level up on the salary schedule for eligible non-instructional employees for the 2014-2015 school year.
  1. An increase to the hourly rate of pay which ensures an annual increase that is no less than $450 for those who move one level up to step 13 for the 2014-2015 school year.
  1. An annual increase of $250 for those at the top of the pay scale for the 2014-2015 school year.
  1. Changes to the distribution of future insurance premium increases for the School Board and employees

“I am very pleased that the education support professionals and the school district were able to finalize the 2014-2017 contract,” said Carolyn Coffey, president of the local bargaining agent.  “It’s been a long challenging year; however, I know the improvements and adjustments we made in negotiations will benefit everyone.”

Though this tentative agreement included the “full book”, representatives for both sides will meet next school year to negotiate specific articles within “the book”.

Approximately 1,500 non-instructional personnel including teacher aides, clerical staff, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance and food service are represented by St. Johns Education Support Professionals.

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