Best 450th idea: Polar Pods

275-450DAY24322As Historic City News editor Michael Gold toured the 450th Commemoration entertainment venues, it wasn’t long before the heat and humidity became a major factor likely to curtail our crew’s enjoyment of the many talented performers included in the lineup.

As part of the event preparation and crowd control strategy, Polar Pod takes the award for our favorite innovative idea. We know what it is like to be dehydrated and overheated, and Polar Pod came to the rescue.

“We provide the opportunity to cool off and keep a safe body core temperature in any environment,” said Polar Pod owner and inventor Steve Parry. “At an approximate, consistent temperature of 50 degrees, and very low humidity, The Polar Pod provides the ability to cool your core in 5-10 minutes, ensuring a fun and safe event for everyone.”

With a $75,000 funding goal in a recent One Spark business incubator competition, Parry was asked what sets Polar Pods apart from what is currently available?

Parry replied, “There are misting fans that blow a cool mist…that makes people wet. There are cooling benches that blow cold air on certain parts of your body; but, the Polar Pod is a 20′ x 8′ room with a temperature of approximately 50 degrees that cools off your entire body — and, more importantly, your body core.

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