Blame the County, not Historic City News

About 30-days ago, for no logical reason, Historic City News readers who use the Internet while on campus in St Johns County buildings, lost access to news and editorial content published on our website,

We have 455 St Johns County employees who have registered to receive a free copy of Weekday Issue using their “” e-mail addresses. That allows them, free of charge, to receive the e-mail summary of recent headlines added to our news website. The cost to produce that service is paid for by the generous contributions and advertising support of our sponsors.

Unlike the St Augustine Record, a liberal-leaning, corporate mainstream media source, it costs the reader nothing to read our content or to make comments on articles we have published. We are the free press of America’s Oldest City; guarding the public interest as a sacred trust.

We went so far as to allow our data center to open our firewall and “whitelist” any web traffic emanating from the IP address of St Johns County’s Internet provider. That was a potentially huge vulnerability for us because virtually anyone with a computer connected to the county Internet could access us absent any screening whatsoever.

When that wide sweeping measure did not correct the problem, and since the remainder of our 15,000 daily readers were connecting to us, either through, our facebook, our twitter feed, or from links easily found in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, it became clear that the problem is with St Johns County MIS Department.

We are asking all of the 455 county employees that have been adversely affected by this action to accept our apology for the inconvenience — perhaps you can get an apology or explanation from Wiley Thibault or Michael Wanchick. Why would they want to censor your access to contrasting points of view through a free press that they can not control?

We are deleting all subscriptions registered with work e-mail addresses on the domain “”. Please take a moment to re-register using your personal e-mail address (,,, etc.) and your subscription will resume. You will continue to experience problems at work; but, you will be free to explore our independently filed news articles, opinions, and reader commentary on your 4G-LTE iPhone, iPad, or Android device, as well as any laptop or other computer when you are not at work.

I’m just around the corner from the County Administration Building right now. Communications FROM HISTORIC CITY NEWS are flowing freely at Wendy’s 🙂

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