City begins work on overdue public projects

300 sidewalk roadwayThe City of St Augustine announced to local Historic City News reporters that, weather permitting, several streets will be closed for resurfacing starting Monday, March 16, and continuing through Friday, March 27.

St Augustine residents have been pressing for the city to return to the business of local government since Mayor Nancy Shaver took office in December. News of two upcoming public works projects is happy news for those residents who say they are fed up with deferred maintenance and essential upkeep in favor of an anticlimactic 450-year birthday party that has cost the taxpayers millions.

In the Oyster Creek area: Daniels Street ; Clark Street ; Christopher Street ; Anderson Street from S. Dixie Hwy. to S. Whitney Street ; and S. Whitney Street from Anderson Street to W. King Street

In the Lighthouse Park area: Lighthouse Ave.; Ponce De Leon Ave.; Ocean Way; E. White Street ; Magnolia Dr. from Street Augustine Blvd. to Ocean Way; Palmetto Avenue from E. White St to Ocean Way; and Busam Street from Lighthouse Avenue to Magnolia Dr.

In Lincolnville: South Street from Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue to Street George Street

Signs were posted in the affected areas and fliers are being distributed to residents and businesses directly impacted.

Another public works project that will involve the replacement of old cast iron, 6-inch water mains, with new 6-inch PVC mains, is promised to “greatly improving water quality and improve flow capacity” essential in maintaining fire protection.

Additional information for residents and businesses in the affected area will be available during a public meeting on Wednesday, March 18th, at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, 75 King Street.

The water main replacement is scheduled to begin during the week of March 23rd in an area bounded by San Marco Avenue, Magnolia Avenue, Myrtle Avenue and May Street. The affected streets include Myrtle Avenue, Ballard Avenue, Dufferin Street, E. San Carlos Avenue, May Street, Estey Street, Gault Street, and Magnolia Avenue.

“There will be a traffic plan during construction to minimize street closures and maintain local traffic access to properties,” Paul Williamson, a public affairs spokesman for the City, told reporters.

Because of the size and complexity of the project, it is expected to last approximately nine months, through the end of the year.

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