City seeks land use plan amendment for Riberia Pointe

275-RIBERIA-POINTE-GRAPHIC-At 2:00 p.m. today, the City of St Augustine will present a land use plan amendment to the Planning and Zoning Board during its regular meeting in the Alcazar Room of City Hall, located at 75 King Street, according to an agenda provided to Historic City News.

Of interest, Item 9(a), 2015-0181, Parcel #2035000000, property owned by the City of St Augustine and identified as 399 Riberia Street, but described as the portion of City property south of the sewage treatment plant, south of the property belonging to W.J. Development Corporation – not including the City owned property used for horse and carriage use and a carriage transfer station.

This is the property known as “Riberia Pointe” — a bone of contention between residents in the Lincolnville community and the City Manager; as plans have advanced, and failed, to use the land for an experimental coral farm, an aquarium, and the controversial Children’s Museum that has nomadically wandered the City like a pack of gypsies, never letting much grass grow under their feet.

The current land use designation for the marshy waterfront property is “open land” and the City proposes to amend the plan to include “recreation” and “open space”.

No specific plans have been published, so we do not know what the City Manager and his Assistant have up their sleeves this time. We expect to see yet another set of landscape drawings soon from their friends at Marquis-Halback.

Historic City News readers are welcome to attend this afternoon’s meeting, or watch on Comcast Government TV or online at

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