Congratulations to SAHS Class of 1975


Members of the St Augustine High School Class of 1975 celebrated their 40-year anniversary last night during the Class Reunion held at the pavilion on the grounds of The Fountain of Youth Archeological Park.

Returning members and guests got together Friday evening for an informal Happy Hour at Coquina Beach Surf Club.

“I wanted to get more photos, but some technical issues came up that occupied time,” graduate Steven L. Sears, who flew in from Glendale California, told Historic City News. “I had so many people I wanted to chat with, and a few that were left hanging in mid-conversation that I wanted to get back to. 

Still, a great turnout and great time for all due to the efforts of a small group of co-conspirators, including Julee Hughes Cooke, Kim Taylor Smith, Christopher Blakeslee, James Chico Dennis, Cheryl Turman Risner, Bill Green, Xenula Allen, Richard Dillon, Pat Osos, Rick Wear, Ellen Sarris Kelbert, Tim Cole, and Hank Whetstone.

<em>Photo credits: © 2015 Historic City News contributed photograph by Steven L. Sears</em>

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