Eleven saplings installed by City at Riberia Pointe


275-RIBERIA3210Cash McVay informed local Historic City News editor Michael Gold that Lincolnville’s Riberia Pointe became the beneficiary of eleven hardwood saplings courtesy of the City of St Augustine’s tree replacement bank.

The 30-gallon saplings, part of the Phase 1 passive park improvements at Riberia Pointe, included 4 Live Oaks, 2 Sycamores, 3 Red Maples and 2 Blanchard Magnolias.

“The trees will provide value to wildlife and serve as a great buffer between the park and the City’s water treatment plant,” McVay stated. “Also, it will mark the first tangible improvement to the property since we started this journey.”

The City will return to treat each new planting with about 20-gallons of water and periodically until it reaches a point of critical sustainability.

Mayor Nancy Sharer, an early proponent of keeping the open space as a passive recreational park, spoke briefly to the small group of residents who attended the planting ceremony Friday afternoon.

Photo credits: © 2015 Historic City News staff photographer


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