Floridian’s new location on Spanish Street

When Jeff and Genie McNally were offered an opportunity to take over a larger spot in St. Augustine, it was an instant game changer.

The Floridian co-owners and husband-and-wife duo faced an ultimatum: either continue their lease at the existing location, which would have required they close for extensive renovations, or set up shop in a new location – a place they could grow with and own.

“We didn’t want to finance a renovation and the price of buying,” Genie McNally said. “Renovating in Downtown is expensive.”

Now, the Floridian is moving to a larger space on Spanish Street, to a building that was built in 1904 and has been vacant for almost a decade.

The move has given them the opportunity to add more seating – 150 seats in all – and build out their dream kitchen and atmosphere, without moving too far away. The new location is a few blocks and a five-minute walk from the original spot on Cordova Street.

“We’ve been able to build it out to our exact specifications,” McNally said.

The new location will open in three weeks – in time for Labor Day and the 450th celebration.

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