Friday 13th was night for vandalism downtown

[foogallery id=”51358″]Friday 13th was night for vandalism downtown.

Three St George Street businesses and a vacant lot were subjected to graffiti Friday night at the hands of an unknown vandal, who police are hoping some Historic City News reader will have witnessed.

Police patrolman Michael Linsky reported that he observed graffiti on the Treasury Street side of Kilwins at 140 St George Street. When he walked further to investigate, he discovered additional vandalism to a vacant lot at 107 St George Street.

“I continued down St George Street and noticed more graffiti in the alley on the north side of the Columbia Restaurant at 98 St George Street,” Linsky wrote in his report.

St Augustine Textiles was also tagged in black paint at 58 St George St. with words that said “may your vision be clear in the wake of chaos”.

An extra patrol of the area was completed about 3:00 a.m. and there was no additional graffiti noticed at that time.

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