Grand Jury indicts accused 15-year-old trigger-man

Even as the investigation is continuing into the murder and robbery of 29-year-old Malav Desai, State Attorney R. J. Larizza called a press conference at the St Johns County Courthouse this morning and informed local Historic City News reporters that the 15-year-old trigger-man will be tried as an adult.

Larizza reported that the St. Johns County grand jury indicted Sergio Morgan-Wideman today. Felony indictments were returned charging Sergio Morgan-Wideman of St. Augustine with first-degree murder, armed robbery with a firearm, and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

“Although Mr. Wideman is being tried as an adult, he is still only 15-years-old, and a minor,” Larizza explained. “So, the Supreme Court has already held that the death penalty is not an option in the sentencing phase of this trial.”

Emotions are running high, as expected, while family, friends, and customers of Tobacco and Beverage Express struggle to understand why Desai was shot.

“Any minor charged with first-degree murder can be sentenced to life, but they must have a meaningful opportunity for parole,” Larizza explained.

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