Lack of sales and affordable insurance close county skate park

An extended period of rain doused the financial viability of the Robert-Laryn Skate Park at Treaty Park, according to the latest vendor to lose a management contract on the property which abruptly closed without advance warning on Friday.

Stuart Kral, president of SB Pro Shop, Inc., sent an e-mail asking to have the management contract terminated and canceled; simultaneously Purchasing Manager Dawn Cardenas was preparing a Notice of Termination with Cause.

“It is with a heavy heart that I’ve come to the conclusion that our stay at Treaty Park has come to an end,” Kral wrote in the e-mail. “With no revenue stream we sadly cannot continue forward with meeting the premium on the comprehensive general liability coverage.”

According to the county, “this termination is due to the failure of SB Pro Shop to maintain the insurance coverages required by the Contract.” Apparently, the insurance coverage has been an issue for some time.

“SB Pro Shop has not held the required insurance coverage since
July of this year,” Cardenas wrote. “As such, the County hereby terminates the above referenced Contract Agreement, for cause, effective immediately at 2:30 p.m., on this Friday, October 23, 2015.”

The county says they intend to reopen the park themselves, since they enjoy protection from a state law, Florida Statute 316.0085, that gives them immunity from liability for any damage or injury to property or persons which arises out of a person’s voluntarily participation in skateboarding, inline skating, paintball, or freestyle or mountain and off-road bicycling.

“No governmental entity nor public employee is liable in such case, so long as the activity takes place in an area designated for that purpose,” Historic City News was told.

Assistant Director of Recreation and Parks, Billy Zeits, is already reviewing alternative vendors for the skate park; however, the short term reopening of the park will not include concessions, merchandise, or other sales at the location.

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