Learn more about archaeology during March

Through March, City Archeologist, Carl Halbirt, is directing the public excavation at the Ximenez-Fatio House Museum (follow #XFDig450) and Historic City News readers are invited to join in discovering 450 years of St Augustine’s authentic history.

City staff and volunteers are on site with hands-on activities each week.

  • February 24-28 Nails and Architecture
  • March 3-7 Middens and ancient garbage
  • March 10-14 Ground Penetrating Radar: Visualizing the Unseen

Historic City News readers are welcome to learn about historic nails that kept Florida structures standing for hundreds of years; and then, to try your hand at analysis the pros use to determine date and use of dig sites.

Participants in an upcoming workshop will learn how to date a nail by its form, measure pennyweights, identify diagnostic bends and evidence for burning, and conserve what we take out of the ground. The cost of registration, $10, covers workshop supplies.

The special Florida Public Archaeology Network program will be held on March 3rd at the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum on the Flagler College Campus. Contact Ryan Harke at 904-669-3800 for more information.

Historic City News readers can try their hand at making and studying beads during a free workshop subject to limited space. Beads help archaeologists learn about prehistoric technologies, global trade networks and religious beliefs. Learn about shell and glass beads and how they were made, transported and used. To register, contact Emily Jane Murray at 904-392-7874

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