Legal in Colorado doesn’t make it legal in Florida

275-Joshua-WehkingHistoric City News has been informed that a package shipped from an address in Colorado to a local resident at St Augustine Beach has led to the recipient’s arrest; after it was determined that the package contained a large amount of high grade cannabis, THC edibles, and various types of THC extracts.

In Colorado, the items are legally sold for personal, recreational, and medical uses through dispensaries. However, even though they are legally possessed there, it is still a crime to possess them in Florida.

“Because he is currently on probation for sale and distribution of narcotics, 26-year-old Joshua Israel Wehking was arrested on charges of possession of more than 20 grams of cannabis with intent to sell, as well as violation of probation,” according to a spokesman for the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office. “Wehking was charged and booked into the County Jail on Tuesday afternoon, where he remains held without bond.”

Josh Wehking was identified as the intended recipient of the package by detectives with the Special Investigations Unit. When the delivery was completed to 3669 Rosewood Street in St. Augustine Beach, detectives moved in.

Wehking gave officers permission to search. The package was opened and found to contain a locked strong-box. The box was forced open and discovered to contain the items; which included 22 packages of THC edibles, 75 packages of THC wax, 28 syringes of THC oil, six sheets of THC, along with 250 grams of cannabis.

The sheriff estimates the street value of the seized narcotics to be as much as $35,000.

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