Letter: No DOW PUD means more unwanted renters

Letter: No DOW PUD means more unwanted renters

Marlene Piriz
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

All sides are anxious to hear our city commission deliberate on the PUD application for the Cordova Inn.

Those who are in favor have worked hard to assure that the application has met all the concerns of the neighbors who surround this acre of historic land.

Noise, parking, supervision, maintenance, water retention, trash, traffic, community access and preservation of historical markers and structures are specifically addressed and will be part of this PUD, should it be approved.

Should this not be approved, we who live within earshot of the potential 30-unit apartment complex will deal with the noise, overnight congested parking of our streets by tenant and friend, excess trash, unruly behavior, property code violations, and potential loss of property value.

Let’s be honest and remember that Flagler College is lacking in dormitories for this year’s incoming student body and there is no real limit to future enrollment, and that the “Town and Gown” discussions only resulted in recommendations to resolve conflicts between student renters, and the community at large.

HP-1 has many apartment buildings and converted houses which already cater to students and others who lease on longer terms.

What we, the residents in favor, do not want is a percentage of tenants larger than home owners in residence in this community. This tilted scale is not conducive to good residential ambiance, to added care for our historical structures, nor does it attract new home buyers who would be willing to invest in renovations and preservation of historical homes or buildings.

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