Letter: Resist450 Coalition rejects Spanish Doctrine of Discovery

275-TEAR-THESE-WALLS-DOWNLetter: Resist450 Coalition rejects Spanish Doctrine of Discovery

Shawn Mulford
Dine’ (Navajo)

Dear Editor:

The Resist450 Coalition stands united in our effort to ensure the rights of Indigenous Peoples and the defense of our natural environment.

We recognize that Spain entered this land illegally to dehumanize Indigenous Peoples and exploit Mother Earth.

It is tempting to ignore the atrocities of the past and pretend they are not relevant today. However, Indigenous Peoples still suffer from this use of religion to justify the theft of lands and destruction of their culture.

The “Doctrine of Discovery” is a set of racist doctrines, which lay the foundation for the violation of Indigenous Peoples’ basic and fundamental human rights.

We ask you to join us by not participating in the glorification of this set of racist and destructive Doctrines and the war criminals that used it to justify their crimes against humanity.

Our mission is to “assure the survival of future generations by removing walls and barriers to peace, while promoting peace and respect among all peoples”.

Please visit our facebook for more background information.

Thank you for your consideration.

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