Letter: The Flagler bat house is flooding

Letter: The Flagler bat house is flooding

Dennis McDonald
Palm Coast, FL

Dear Editor:

The revelation that the bat-infested Flagler Hospital building in Bunnell suffers “new found” flooding issues, and that it will cost the taxpayers millions more to fix than originally revealed, is proof that Flagler County Administrator Craig Coffey and County Attorney Albert Hadeed are incompetent.

Ethically challenged Commissioner, Barbara Revels, a Realtor and builder, led the charge to buy this vertical junkyard from her business associates.  She placed the motion on the floor and voted “YES” to spend $1.23 Million in two separate commission votes.

I have maintained for two years that putting our deputies in a re-made vertical junkyard, and then building a new jail for the criminals, is inverted thinking and unconscionable.

The Flagler County Board of County Commissioners are responsible to hire only two county employees; the county manager and the county attorney.  Coffey and Hadeed’s contracts are coming before the Board for review, soon.

Will at least three-out-of-five elected commissioners have the sense to realize that Coffey and Hadeed are in way over their heads?  Will the commission terminate these two contract employees given their extensive history of failures, namely:

  • the old Bunnell Court House?
  • the Plantation Bay Water Company?
  • the new Super Jail?

Or, will Nate McLaughlin, George Hanns, Frank Meeker, Charlie Ericksen, and Barbara Revels, continue to allow Coffey to be manipulated by financial conflicts and enable Hadeed to insulate him from the consequences of his mistakes?

My opinion, you decide and please remember to Vote.

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