Local police officer involved in a traffic crash

275-SAPD-PATROLThis afternoon at about 1:19 p.m., 26-year-old police patrolman Johnathan Brown, who has been on the St Augustine Police Department for just 8 1/2 months, was responding to a call while driving one of the large-sized Chevrolet Tahoe SUV patrol vehicles when he crashed into another driver, sending its two occupants and Brown to Flagler Hospital for additional care.

According to the report received by Historic City News, Brown was attempting to pass a silver Honda Civic on the driver’s side; when, unexpectedly, the driver of the Honda attempted to make a left turn, colliding with the marked police patrol vehicle.

The crash occurred in a residential area near the intersection of Masters Drive and Ravenswood Drive. The scene was closed to traffic for a short time.

Brown radioed for emergency medical assistance himself at the time of the incident. St Johns County Fire Rescue responded to the scene and transported all three persons to the hospital emergency room; none of the injuries sustained are believed to be life-threatening.


Public Information Officer Mark Samson reported that the trip to the hospital was a precautionary measure only.

Officers from both the City police department and County Sheriff’s Office responded; traffic investigators from the Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit will complete the investigation.

Witnesses confirm Brown’s recollection of the events, saying that the officer was attempting to pass a gray Honda when the driver turned left, striking the police car on the right front.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Office is investing this crash at the request of the St. Augustine Police Department.

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