Local results are in from early presidential straw poll

SJC-REC-SCM_9553St Johns County Republican Executive Committee Recording Secretary Eric West reported to Historic City News the results of an early presidential straw poll taken by party members during their recent February meeting.

President Obama has served two consecutive terms, and is therefore prohibited by the Twenty-Second Amendment to the US Constitution from seeking a third run for office.

“The upcoming primary season will be an interesting one here in Florida,” West told editor Michael Gold, who is a voting member of the organization.   “The membership of the Republican Executive Committee, are some of the most well informed grassroots activists of the Republican Party.  They are the people who are responsible for getting out the vote in St. Johns County.”

The official results from the poll were:

Gov. Scott Walker 44%
Sen. Ted Cruz 36%
Mitt Romney 5%
Jeb Bush 5%
Sen. Marco Rubio 3%
Ben Carson 3%
Gov. Mike Pence 3%

The straw poll was conducted by secret ballot containing the names of some of the more prominent potential Republican Nominees for President in 2016.  The membership had the opportunity to write-in a name if the potential nominee did not appear on the ballot.  The poll was voluntary and not binding.

If you are interested in joining or contributing to the St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee you can contact us online at www.sjgop.org or you can call Chairman Bill Korach at 904-429-2015.

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