New officers elected to Florida Agricultural Museum board

The Florida Agricultural Museum, Inc. announced the election of new officers for the museum’s Board of Trustees at the October trustee’s meeting. The Trustees have been able to maintain the Museum as the only designated museum for Florida’s agriculture and rural history.

“The distinguished Trustees have persevered to create a sound structure that can take the museum to the next level of its development,” the outgoing Chairman, Michael C. Kenney, said. “The relationships they have developed with the Department of Agriculture, under the guidance of Commissioner Adam Putnam and the Commissioner’s staff, are outstanding.”

The incoming Chairman, Joe Siegmeister of Florida Farm Bureau, is looking forward to steering the museum and its programs down a continued path of future growth and development and building on the relationships they enjoy with the local Palm Coast and Flagler County governments.

Kenney will continue to serve on the Board of Trustees. Joining Siegmeister will be Ron Brame, Jr., Vice-Chairman and Treasurer, Wendy Smith, Secretary, and Clark Bailey, Assistant Treasurer. Other trustees include Doyle Conner, Jr., Howard Griffin, Hilary Holley, Bill Livingston, T. Jeffrey McCullough, Nate McLaughlin, Rick Piagno, Cathy Vogel, and Michael Waldron.

About the Florida Agricultural Museum, Inc.

Florida Agricultural Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that was designated in 1992 as the “Museum of Agriculture and Rural History of the State of Florida” under Florida Statute. In 1997 the museum was located on 460 acres in Flagler County.

The museum’s collection includes historic buildings that were relocated to the museum site to interpret Florida’s agricultural past. The Florida Agricultural Museum is also active in the conservation of heritage livestock, including Florida’s heritage Cracker cattle and horses. The Florida Agricultural Museum provides a fun and educational experience for all ages to learn about the history and role of agriculture as one of the Florida’s leading industries.

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