New sales tax increase goes into effect January 1st

Supporting the theory that many Historic City News readers hold, the outcome in today’s special election is reflective of the $189,175.00 raised from special interests; large land owners, developers, real estate professionals, and others who would suffer if the local school district is forced to look to ad valorem taxes and impact fees to finance its continuing growth.

The losers in today’s special election are consumers.  Beginning January 1, 2016, for a period of ten years, sales tax collected on everything from movie tickets to jet skis will go up to 6.5%.  So, if you’re waiting to buy that new car, you might want to do that before New Year’s.  You could save $50 for each $10,000 in purchase price.

The School Board resolution that authorizes levying the one-half cent (1/2¢) surtax on sales in St Johns County, restricts how the money collected can be spent.

A citizen advisory committee will monitor the use of those funds to be certain that they are being used exclusively for new construction, reconstruction and improvement of school facilities, including safety and security improvements and technology upgrades.

People, businesses, and investors who gave money to the political action committee that ran the highly visible campaign to create the local option sales tax include:

Alecia Bailey Homemaker 5,000.00
Alecia Bailey Homemaker 25,000.00
All American Air Cond And Heat HVAC Services 3,000.00
Allison Profitt   50.00
Andrea S Samuels   50.00
Anne M Curtis   20.00
BBM Structural Engineers Inc Engineering Firm 500.00
Beverly Slough Chair SJC School Board 250.00
Bill Mignon   100.00
Charles J Forcier   100.00
Constangy Brooks And Smith LLP Law Firm 500.00
Crisi H Korth Trainee Appraiser 200.00
Cruz And Company Construction Developer 500.00
Cynthia G Piron Recruiting Manager 25.00
Darcy Bennett D’errico   50.00
David B Shoar SJC Sheriff 250.00
David R Toner Retired 200.00
Delores T Lastinger Retired 1,000.00
Douglas F Wiles Insurance 5,000.00
Eireann D Aflleje Human Resources 25.00
England Thims And Miller Inc Engineering Consultants 5,000.00
FEA Solidarity Fund Inc Labor Organization 500.00
Florida School Book Dep Inc Educational Book Store 1,500.00
Frank D Upchurch III Attorney 5,000.00
Gregory E Baker Insurance 2,500.00
Gregory W Teisan   75.00
Harvard Jolly Inc Architect 5,000.00
Heather L Patterson CPA 425.00
Hutson Companies LLC Investment Company 2,500.00
Hydry Company LLC Land Developers 15,000.00
Iris M Nieves   20.00
Jacqueline K Nelson Retired 200.00
Jane G Ford Homemaker 200.00
Jeanette J Cox   20.00
Jennifer Ashenfelder Police Officer 20.00
Joan B Thornton   50.00
John D Rood Real Estate Investor 1,000.00
Joseph G Joyner Superintendent 500.00
Karen Burke Homemaker 500.00
Karen E Naudascher Engineer 25.00
Karsten Amlie Vp/Evine Live Inc 150.00
Kelly Barrera St Johns Cty Sb 100.00
Keri Ann Lambert Library Assoc 100.00
Letti Bozard Car Dealer 10,000.00
Maria Ugartechea   20.00
Matern Prof Engineering Inc Engineering Firm 500.00
Matt Price Banker 100.00
Melinda Lang Hilsenbeck   100.00
Nancy Sloan Retired 100.00
Nissan Of St Augustine Auto Dealership 500.00
Patrick T Canan PA Law Firm 2,500.00
Peter Ellis Retired 1,000.00
Premier Properties St Aug LLC Property Management 300.00
Rebecca S Jones   20.00
Roger O’Steen Real Estate Developer 10,000.00
S Brooke Wilson   20.00
S Gary Snodgrass Mayor St Augustine Beach 500.00
Sabrina M Abare   100.00
Schenkel And Shultz Inc Design Firm 1,000.00
Sniffen And Spellman PA Law Firm 5,000.00
Split Pine Development LLC Real Estate Development 10,000.00
SJC Civic Roundtable Civic Organization 150.00
St Johns Education Assoc PAC Political Action Committee 250.00
St Augustine Beach Civic Asso Neighborhood Association 500.00
Stellar Construction Firm 5,000.00
Susan W Connor Exec Dir Child Mus 500.00
Suzanne M Dixon   10.00
The Cummings Consulting Group Business Consulting 1,500.00
The McLeod Firm Law Firm 500.00
The PARC Group Inc Land Developer 5,000.00
The Vestcor Companies Inc Real Estate Investment 1,000.00
Thomas Reinheimer Mgmt Consultant 500.00
Thomas L Allen Jr   100.00
Thompsonbaker Agency Inc Insurance 2,500.00
W Abrahams   100.00
Wayne Hogan Attorney 5,000.00
William Young Retired 2,500.00
William G Graham Education 100.00


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