North Davis Shores comes out to walk with the mayor

275-N-DAVIS-SHORES-WALKAbout thirty-five residents in North Davis Shores joined St Augustine mayor Nancy Shaver as she made her second neighborhood walk Wednesday evening. The mayor told Historic City News local reporters that she is pleased with the success and support that is being shown.

Last evening’s Walk with the Mayor, began at Oglethorpe Park and traveled east on Oglethorpe Boulevard to Inlet Drive. Then participants looped back along Inlet Drive, returning the walkers to the starting point at Oglethorpe Park.

“The walk lasted about an hour, we took our time and stopped to enjoy the beautiful scenery,” said Susan Rathbone, President of that neighborhood association. “It was a great group of people, and everyone seemed happy to join the mayor in this outdoor activity.”

Mayor Shaver told reporters that the early evening start time worked to their advantage Wednesday. “We were very lucky because just before the walk there came a torrential downpour.”

Walk coordinator, Jerry Peters, said that some gathered at the starting point while others joined along the way.

Peters says that the next walk will be in the Nelmar Terrace neighborhood, starting in Nelmar Park on May 20th, 6:00 p.m.

Follow the mayor’s website, twitter and facebook to learn more about her monthly coffee with the mayor, walk with the mayor, and other planned activities.

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