North Davis Shores neighbors join mayor for walk

North Davis Shores neighbors join mayor for walk

by Danielle Shuman
Special to Historic City News

The second “Walk with the Mayor” event will be held after work on Wednesday, April 29th, in the North Davis Shores neighborhood, according to Jerry Peters, a St Augustine volunteer who has been organizing the walks.

The last neighborhood walk with Mayor Shaver, April 8th, included residents in the Flagler Model Land neighborhood. Peters said that the event was a great success and allows residents to participate in the low-impact walks, while providing exercise and a great way to enjoy the beauty of our local neighborhoods, at street-level.

You also get to share ideas and ask questions of St Augustine’s mayor in the casual comfort of your own neighborhood.

“I really love being around other city residents while enjoying the beautiful outdoors, I am already looking forward to many more walks with all of you,” Shaver told the participants and local Historic City News reporters. “Come join me in North Davis Shores for this walk, or, I’ll update my website and facebook with the next meeting spot.”

Wednesday, April 29th, Mayor Shaver will meet the walkers at 6:00 p.m. at Oglethorpe Park.

“We’ll just be easin’ on down the road from Oglethorpe Boulevard to Inlet Drive and then loop back to the Bridge of Lions,” Peters said. “Extra participants are invited join in along the route.”

Follow Mayor Shaver on twitter and like her facebook page. Check in on activities and the mayor’s calendar at

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