Spanish Ambassador discusses Royal visit

Historic City News was informed that Spanish Ambassador Ramón Gil-Casares and Consul General Cristina Barrios of the Spanish Embassy met with city officials Wednesday, July 15th, to discuss a planned visit by the King and Queen of Spain.

Ambassador Gil-Casares confirmed a mid-September visit by King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia after the city concludes their 450th Commemoration activities on September 8th.

Details of the itinerary still have to be finalized and authorized by the Royal Office, but the Royal Couple have indicated an interest in St. Augustine’s historic sites, and several are expected to be part of the city tour.

The Ambassador and Counsel General met with Mayor Nancy Shaver, City Manager John Regan, 450th Director Dana Ste. Claire, Nikole Alvarez, 450th chief curator and Spanish liaison, and Dr. Leslee Keys of Flagler College to talk through a possible itinerary which likely will include visits to key historic sites.

“We are pleased and genuinely excited that the King and Queen of Spain have indicated an interest in scheduling St. Augustine for a possible visit,” Mayor Shaver, who will serve as the chief representative of the city during the visit, told local Historic City News reporters. “It tells us just how much our little city and unique history are important to the world.”

Following the meeting, the Embassy delegation toured sites and facilities that may be part of the Royal tour.

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