Strickland retires – Lareau appointed for remainder of term

In the last year of her 5th term of office, Clerk of Court Cheryl Strickland called it quits Friday; completing a 19-year run as Clerk and a total of 31-years of service to St Johns County in the Clerk’s office. Historic City News has noted that this is the first of the five Constitutional Officers to step down from their long-term elected positions; more will likely follow.

Those other officers include:

  • Sheriff David Shoar (11/8/2004 137,496.94)
  • Property Appraiser Sharon Outland (7/18/1979 130,558.00)
  • Tax Collector Dennis Hollingsworth
  • Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes (3/24/1988 111,622.00)

Linda Cheryl Strickland first came to work for the Clerk’s office on October 24, 1983; two months after George L Lareau, her deputy clerk, and the man who will serve out the remainder of her term.

Officially, Strickland was the Clerk of the County and Circuit Court and Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners. She also handled county work including county records, finances, court case files, and payments of traffic tickets and fines. Strickland was paid $130,558.06 annually, plus benefits.

“George is the only person qualified to lead the office forward through the budget crisis that clerks statewide are continuing to face,” Strickland told Historic City News reporters last week.

Chief Deputy Clerk Lareau, hired 8/18/1983, was paid $95,659.20 annually plus benefits.

Two candidates have already announced their intention to run for the open seat in 2016. Lareau has not announced his intention, however qualifying is still months away and others may present themselves as candidates.

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