Walk the Uptown Neighborhood with Mayor Shaver

It’s time to get outside and enjoy Spring in our beautiful city. Mayor Nancy Shaver thinks that’s a great idea and she’d like to do that with you.

Get some exercise, meet and greet, walk and talk in your own neighborhood with Mayor Shaver. Share your ideas or concerns, ask questions, or just enjoy a healthy stroll. So far, the Walks have been very successful; we’ve had great turnouts.

Mayor Shaver will be walking in the Uptown Neighborhood on Wednesday, June 10th.

You can start the walk with her at 6:00 p.m. in front of 5 Cincinnati St, or, if you prefer, watch out for her and meet us along the way. We’ll just be easin’ on down the road.

Tell all your friends and neighbors. We hope to bump into you. See you then.

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