Without proper insurance driver licenses may be suspended

300-PRIVATE-GOLF-CARTHistoric City News received a warning for readers who have converted their private golf cart to a “low-speed vehicle”. Even if you registered the golf cart with the State of Florida, unless you notified your insurance company to update your policy, you are at risk of having your license suspended.

Residents throughout St. Johns County use golf carts for short trips within their neighborhoods and communities.

To do so, the first step is to visit the regional Department of Motor Vehicles agency to have the golf cart inspected and have its status converted to a “low-speed vehicle”.

The next step is to register the vehicle with the St. Johns County Tax Collector for roadway use.

But, the final step, upgrading your insurance, is often forgotten and can result in an automatic suspension of your driving privileges which can cost $156.25 to clear.

Be sure to contact your insurance agent to secure $10,000 personal injury protection insurance, $20,000 property damage insurance, and provide your insurance agent with the new Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) issued at the time of registration.

While a driver license is not necessary to operate a golf cart on private property, as soon as a golf cart is taken onto a public right-of-way, the operator must adhere to Florida driver license laws. This means that the driver must be at least 15 with a learner’s permit and have a licensed driver at least 21-years-of-age in the front seat, or the driver must be at least 16-years-of-age with an operator’s license.

Anyone with questions may visit www.sjctax.us to chat online with an SJTC Customer Service Representative, or call 904-209-2250.

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