Young Republicans will host death penalty opponent

Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty, a national network of conservatives and libertarians questioning the alignment of capital punishment with their principles, will be featured at the upcoming monthly meeting of the St. Johns County Young Republicans, according to an update received by Historic City News this week.

National coordinator Marc Hyden, a representative of the NRA in Florida prior to taking this position, will be making a presentation to the group about why conservatives in Florida and across the nation are re-thinking the death penalty.

“It is incumbent upon us as citizens to be educated on any law, policy or regulation that allows our government to remove any of our freedoms,” said Elizabeth Amato of the St. Johns County Young Republicans. “The death penalty is one such power we have given to our government and the exercise of this power should rightfully be reviewed on a continuing basis.”

To date, more than 150 individuals have been released from death rows across America because they were wrongfully convicted and Florida leads the nation in exonerations with 25.

“Increasingly, conservatives from across the country are opposing the death penalty because it fails to align with our principles,” said Hyden. “It’s simply a broken and incredibly costly government program that risks killing innocent Americans.”

The meeting and program will be open to members and guests and will begin Tuesday evening September 15th at 7:00 p.m. in Murray Bros Caddy Shack, 455 South Legacy Trail, Suite E106 at World Golf Village.

About Us
Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty is a network of political and social conservatives who question the alignment of capital punishment with conservative principles and values. Specifically, we are questioning a system marked by inefficiency, inequity, and inaccuracy. Conservatives concerned about the death penalty is a project of Equal Justice USA. EJUSA is a national, grassroots organization working to build a criminal justice system that works. For everyone. For more information contact Jon Crane at 203-982-4575 or email

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